holzseite3 Groessenaenderung
holzseite Groessenaenderung
sculpture garden Kopie

site concept

To keep the classic scheme of the site the new extension does a trick: During the day it hides between the trees without touching the nature like a friendly alien, at night it glows like lantern and sends its refl ections over the water. The shape is taking up the proportions of the classic park, the direction is exactly north south to create a huge sunclock and connect this building to earth and space. The angle of the bridge takes up the former bridge and the tree rows, and makes itself part invisible and endless, because it is not visible in the mirror facade. The extension is open to the south, to the nature, above the lake. Foreign visitors often ask for all the lakes which they see on their maps and can‘t see because of the trees while driving the road.

lage nah 1920x1920
luftbild ohne deckel

the facade 

A giant mirror shows just what‘s the real value of the country and especially this site: nature. Nothing else is visible, thus being made possible through the geometric arrangement of the elements. The bridge itself goes under the mirror, therefore not visible. All accessible point of views just show the nature, no other building. At dawn the building skin shows a dramatic change: paper, the genius material which made this area rich, begins to glow with soft light.

the artwork

The paperstructure allows a range of artistic possibilities: it can be a folded structure, reminding on rocks, landscapes, tree branches, vanes; it can be an exact geometric pattern, Asian inspired, origami like. The glass facade itself carries the work of a famous Finnish sculptor who is well connected with the place. Sandblasted patterns which are inspired by the trees which had been removed are just slightly visible at day and mix with the reflections of the real ones. At night the structure of the paper mixes with the pattern in a 3 dimensional way.

night2 1920x1440
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