compound sandwich construction is assembled in four pieces in a ship yard, then brought to the location and lifted to its final position. according to the three-dimensional supported construction, there is just the need for four fastening elements on ground (four main stays).



the main design concept is developed to enable a huge crowd getting tickets being protected to the weather by the vertical bubble above. sale is transacted in two floors: ticket counters above, customers below. this makes is possible to provide maximum free space for evening activities but also to protect the booth from vandalism. furthermore this system, being in the height restricts, enables a maximum number of ticket counter windows, up to 20 places.



communication is provided in vertical direction trough video screens. customers are NOT followed suite by a computer but a human being. according to

in all the vertical development of architecture around times square there is something different: a horizontal sculpture, something from outer space, floating above ground and helping the people with tickets to a new world, the theatres. a simple form being pushed back and forth by the strong lines of broadway and manhattan's rectangular grid, strange, foreign, unknown but human scale, a friendly extraterrestrial. In the sea of signs and ads these loud screens are replaced by the „building“ itself, a sculpture difficult to understand at the first moment for one who asked for the way to find it, but clear to see what somebody's description meant, if he comes close to the site. this time not a box with a sign, copyright venturi, not a box in the form of a symbol, just not this time. in the way of the term „talking architecture“ it is not screaming, it is a silent but strong development in itself. the shell is living, people inside are working in an environment of open space, helping each other, peaceful and secure in their three dimensional bubble floating in three dimensional new york. the more people want to take the entrance to new york's broadway theatres, the more this object serves them the tickets: without any stress to the workers inside and doing best in helping these huge crowd.